Location of the lodge

Petraska is located in the Giant Mountains at Klinova Louka, 1111 m, between Spidleruv Mlyn (Spindler’s Mill) and Pec pod Snezkou. It is approximately 3,5 km from the chairlift station Na Plani and 2 km from the mountain hut Na Rozcesti. During the winter, there is a groomed cross-country trail running in a vicinity of the lodge.

GPS coordinates 50°42'27.719"  n, 15°38'49.829" e

One should be adequately experienced and equipped to access the lodge on foot, skis or snowshoes.
Journey could become quite demanding and even hazardous under unpredictable weather conditions especially in winter.
The lodge is accessible exclusively on skis or snowshoes during wintertime. Visitors should not rely on hired snowmobiles or snow cats since those might not be able to reach the lodge when snow cover is either too low or too high.


Nature of the Lodge

The lodge is a true mountain getaway nested among the treetops overlooking valley of Lesser Labe (Male Labe). It is organized in a very simple but cozy manner mainly aimed for hosting sports oriented visitors. Among some of its greatest perks is its distance from civilization. The lodge is equipped with a homely dining room and a kitchen with a tiled wood burning cooking stove, a sauna, table soccer and ping-pong tables. Meals are not provided. The lodge is self catered and guests have to be prepared to cook meals using their own supplies.

Daily operations

Guests need to be well aware that their entire stay is self-catered and self-serviced under a supervision of the lodge keeper. The lodge is hooked up to standard electric line but a number of available electric outlets is limited and allowed appliances are regulated. Common areas and bedrooms are solely heated by wood burning stoves. Lodgers are required to split firewood in the woodshed during their stay and restock wood holding shelves by the stoves. Only cold water is running in the bathhouse. Hot water for the shower is supplied by wood burning water heater.


You can rent either individual rooms and in the case of free dates, also the whole lodge. Size of bedrooms is listed below in the price list. In all rooms, the beds are arranged in the style of large platforms. While guests will have warm blankets to their disposition they are required to bring their own bed linens:

  • cover for a blanket + sheet + cover for a small pillow or
  • sleeping bag + sheet + cover for a small pillow.


Guests are responsible for the maintenance and the operation of the lodge (including the kitchen and the woodshed) under the supervision of the lodge keeper. While the lodge is connected to standard electric network wood is used for heating. Cold water runs in the washroom and hot water for showering can be ensured through the use of a wood-burning boiler equipped with showerhead.

Guests may rent an individual room at the lodge and stay with other visitors simultaneously or, if a date is available, the rental of the entire lodge is also an option.

Rental fees

Room name Price Occupancy recommended (max)
Čtverák 600 Kč / night 2 (3) people
Sportovní 900 Kč / night 4 (5) people
Rohák 1050 Kč / night 5 (6) people
Hudební 1400 Kč / night 7 (8) people
  • The lodge also has a large sleeping area equiped with separate kitchen and dining table.
  • If you plan to take a dog with you, please let us know upfront as it might not be possible.


To ensure a reservation of the lodging, please, contact Brenda Jechová using the link.

Notice: During the Christmas holidays (including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) and the half-term holidays (at the end of January), the lodge is reserved for members of the club KCT Slavoj Praha.

Rules of Operation

You can get detailed Rules of Operation of Lodge Petraska by clicking the button below.

Petraska lodge at Klinova Louka in the Krkonose Mountains belongs to KCT Slavoj Praha z.s. Zeleny pruh 40, Praha 4, 147 00, Czech Republic.
Kindly fill out the form provided or contact Brenda Jechova at the phone number on the right.

Notice: During the Christmas holidays (including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) and the half-term holidays (at the end of January), the lodge is reserved for members of the club KCT Slavoj Praha.

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